Dating is an individual choice, It varies from hanging out at a random restaurant to playing video games together. However, for me, nothing can be more thrilling and adventurous than going on a trip. I don’t call it a “Date” unless it involves Travelling.

So what is my idea for a perfect date?

An Austria (Land where Mozart was born) Trip would be my idea for a perfect date!

Although, having a perfect date can be really difficult and challenging but I believe that, there is nothing more romantic than going on an Austria Trip!!

Where in Austria?

I’d start with Salzburg, one of the most beautiful city in the country!

We will kickstart start our date with a romantic evening cruise on the Salzach Riverboat! It will give an extraordinary view of the city and its calming mood.

The second thing to do would be to go on a hike, a long walk alone with my partner up the Untersberg!! It is the most legendary mountain of the Austrian Alps and just breathtaking and picturesque. Alternatively, if she doesn’t prefer the long walk we always have an option to take the cable car up to the top!

Next on list would be to just wander around the old town, the entire old town is itself a UNESCO World Heritage site and is one of the most romantic and charming areas of Salzburg! After strolling around the sites grab a coffee at one of the Cafes and try out the bakery products (One simply can’t ignore the chocolate cakes of Austria!)

Next would be to watch a movie or two at open-air cinema in the chapter square. With  views of Salzburg Cathedral and Hohensalzburg Fortress in the background, it would be a night to be cherished! Dinner goals will be to try out the food at different stalls in the area, they’re usually inexpensive but delicious!

Before movies, It would be astonishing to watch the sunset on the Mönchsberg Cliffs. It’s a perfect place to spend some time together while watching a stunning panorama of the sunset over the city below!

Since I love BBQ And stuff, I’d take her to Glanspitz the next day, a lovely landscape with river, trees and garden. A perfect place for picnic and BBQ especially on a warm summer day.

When you’re in Salzburg on a date, how can you miss out the Schloss Mirabell? One of the most beautiful wedding venues in the world. It has got a garden with blooming flowers and marble architecture. It is an ideal place for having a date. Comes pretty close to a “perfect” date.

If mood sets us up into art we would explore the art scene at Steingasse.

Salzburg isn’t the only romantic city in Austria, to make the date more memorable I’d take her to the city of Vienna, often dubbed as the most romantic capital city in the world.

While at Vienna, I’d kickstart the day by taking a stroll along the Danube river. The banks along the river are perfect place to sit and talk and have some food and watch the sunset. You must be knowing about the beautiful Danube river from a famous waltz by Johann Strauss II, “The Blue Danube”

Vienna Woods, dubbed as the Green Lung of Vienna is a spot which we wouldn’t miss! It is said to be the Most Ideal Place for Proposal in the world!

Beyond the city limits, we would go on a trek to the Jubilee tower. The trekking route to the destination is filled with plenty of places to stop by like duck filled ponds or benches perched upon grassy hills. The dazzling view from the top of the observation tower is well worth the trek and surely impressive!

A dreamy date? The vineyards rolling down the hills on the outskirts of city makes a perfect location for a dreamy date! Especially in the month of autumn when the wooded areas explode with colours of gold rust and orange!!

Hanging out in the MuseumQuartier, A great place to spend the evening time together as the atmosphere is quite buzzing. With a huge range of cultural sites in this area, it means you shouldn’t be running out of things to talk about.

A perfect date location need not be always set at a romantic setting. Haus des Meeres a World War II tower is one of the best ways to get a bird eyes view of Vienna. You can also take a walk through the tunnels of aquarium underneath!

A picnic at the Augarten one of the most picturesque and oldest park in Europe. It is designed in the French style! A perfect place to witness sunrise!

And everyday, always have coffee at the coffee houses. There is nothing more romantic than coffee houses of Vienna. Perhaps, Vienna is believed to be the romantic capital of the world just because of its coffee house! Also, will not forget to share a sachertorte 😀

Then, try out some authentic Austrian Cruisine at Naschmarkt, the 16th century market. We can buy some souvenir and stuffs as memorabilia..

Would also go on skiing at the high hills of Vienna!!

And at last, I’d end the almost “perfect” date with a candle light dinner at the Prater, city’s most iconic Ferris wheel!

And the best thing about Austria? Well, Its Austria! 😉

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