It was my first-year Anatomy practical viva (Histology Slides) and I had literally gone without any adequate preparations and revising the slides.

With a lot of struggles and random tipping off I figured out that it was a slide of hepatocytes (Liver cell) and confidently drew the diagram on my answer sheet. It was all going fine and as expected, however the problem? I had no clue on the exact basis of identification of them.

So, this examiner comes and asks me what the slide is and what I have drawn. I said “Liver”. He continued, Why do you think its liver?

I was blank and having a very hard time recollecting the identification points for liver slides. I wanted to be a decent student and not waste the precious time of examiner which he can utilize to screw other students so I replied in a haste..

“Because sir, It has a lot of pinkish circles which are usually seen in the liver slide”

Till date, I am still not sure, why he stopped asking me any further questions .. :/

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