Look what I found!!

How to become a doctor in 11 days App in playstore!

Yes, you read it right there is an app in the play store which “teaches” people to be doctor in 11 days!!

It’s written in Hindi, “Become a doctor in 11 days”

You don’t need to spend 6 years in a medical school, staying up late nights, working untiredly and facing the wrath of exams! Just download this app from playstore and you’re good to go!

The funny thing is they have divided their syllabus too, like first day you learn Physiology second day you learn anatomy!! I mean wow, who needs a med school?

Wow, they have a special section called “Tips of the Day” too. Such a dedicated medical teaching app :’)

Anyway, here’s the dangerous part.

They have openly written the names of the drugs, it’s function and how to use it? It can be that dosage mentioned for a given drug can be incorrect giving rise to complications plus the side effects aren’t prescribed too. Some random person may fall into the clutches of this app and prescribe a drug, which I belive is pretty dangerous.

Not to mention the fact that the app is full of advertisements (overdosage actually) which earns them a lot of CASH xD

This isn’t the only such app from the parent developer alfatoon apps. They have apps like these too.

You can learn computer too in 11 days. The app also provides an insight on how to clean your computer, because that is what you’ll end up doing if you learn computer using this app xD.

I liked the choice of word though, “Environment”. Nice!

Now, you’ve got a degree in Medical Science and Computer Science yet no luck finding a girlfriend? Worry not! The genius developer has a solution for your problem too :’)

Presenting, How to make girlfriend in Hindi!

They also have solution to make your kid intelligent

Nice, right?

Is it dimag (brain) or a bimag ( no idea what’s a bimag though?

Or maybe if you use these apps your dimag turns into a bimag? You never know!

They have got hosts of other apps too, including an app teaching you to celebrate your honeymoon.

And I thought we will be having flying cars by 2020!


Play store is really craaazzzyy.. :/

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