Why it is said that one should not have a pic clicked with a setting sun? Does it symbolise the end for that person? How the most colourful event on the earth can be so inauspicious? Let us think a little more.

Sunsets are the proof that the endings can be beautiful. It brings hope: A tiring day for every creature on this earth is ending with the promise of a new day, new life, new hope with another beautiful sunrise.

You have ended your day well, may be successfully or not, but the end of the day drags you towards your sweet home, to your dearest ones, to those who are waiting eagerly to meet you at the end of the day. How the sky looks like when all the birds fly towards their nest after the sunset making various shapes in the sky? Their chirping all over the sky reminds you of the evening which has arrived.How all the creatures of the forest turn around and returns to their dens? The sunset brings hope for the night and the next day. The sunset brings the ‘rest’. As soon as we reach home after a daylong work, we embrace our bed so lovingly! The supper meal, the television, the books, the coffee, everything which is at home give us a sweet feeling. The flashback of the whole day may make you smile or make you cringe but the smell of your own home will give you the rest your every cell wants.

The beautiful sunset brings in so many colours in the sky! It is worth watching as somebody said do not waste your time sitting inside while the sun is setting. The person may sound mad but he is true. How the things go so smoothly for every creature on this earth? The sky, the soil, water resources, the horizon, the seas, the mountains. nature, the sunsets and the sunrises are altogether perfect. The ecosystem is musical and nature is loving- let us not destroy the music, let us live in peace on this beautiful earth.

As the station wagon pulled back onto the highway, the sun was slowly sinking below the horizon like a leaky boat. Well, except for that fact that boats are not generally round, orange and on fire. Hmm. Come to think of it, in no way whatsoever did the sun, in this instance, resemble a leaky boat. My apologies. That was a dreadful attempt at simile. Please allow me to try again.
As the station wagon pulled back onto the highway, the sun was slowly sinking below the horizon like a self-luminous, gaseous sphere comprised mainly of of hydrogen and helium.


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